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27 November 2015

Seeds of change: Climate change could disrupt plants' dispersal of seeds.
By Lisa Palmer

Dr. Beckman's research on seed dispersal is featured on Yale Climate Connections.

  Yale Climate Connections

5 August 2015


SESYNC Welcomes Noelle Beckman
By Melissa Andreycheck


13 November 2014

Dr. Beckman discusses seed dispersal - the movement of seeds away from a parent plant - in the Steam Exchange on "Movement" hosted by the Steam Factory at The Ohio State University

  Steam Exchange

15 January 2014

"Tree growth never slows"
By Jeff Tollefson
Podcast by Noah Baker.

An interview with Nathan Stephenson (USGS) about the study "Rate of tree carbon accumulation increases continuously with tree size" published in Nature (2014).

  Nature News

3 May 2012

Modelling effects of seed dispersal patterns and natural enemy attack on seedling spatial patterns
By Noelle Beckman

A summary of Beckman et al.'s study on "The interacting effects of clumped seed dispersal and distance- and density-dependent mortality on seed recruitment patterns" published in Journal of Ecology (2012)

 Journal of Ecology Blog

18 May 2007

Hunting in Forests
By Andrew Sugden

Beckman & Muller-Landua's 2007 study on the effects of hunting (of mammals by humans) on seed predation and seed removal chosen as Editors’ Choice in Science.

 Editor's Choice in Science